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If you’ve read the blog and would like to know more, or if you are having difficulties in your own marriage, feel free to contact me.  I am not a licensed counselor, nor am I “qualified” in any professional sense to give advice.  Having said all that, I know what it takes to heal and restore a marriage and I can share with you how to save, or just improve yours.

Think of it this way.  Would you rather talk to someone who has read a lot of books, but never been there, or someone who has been to the bottom and found the way back to the top?  Very often God makes a ministry out of our mess.  I wish I had never had to go through much of what I’ve written about, but I did.  Now I want to help others avoid that same path, or find the way back if they are already on it.

The Restoration Tour is not a program.  I’m not selling anything on this website, nor will you find a sales pitch, videos, or anything else that is so common to websites offering to help you or give you “the secrets to” whatever it is they are selling.

I am not doing this to make money, and if you read the information and contact me, you will not be told about a “special offer” or asked to buy something in order to get the rest of the information. You will not be asked for a credit card number, personal information, or to download anything.

I’m just a person who has undergone a complete transformation in my life and my marriage and I offer my insight and experience to anyone who wants the same. This is not a business, or a web based company.

For questions, advice, or just to talk, email me

  1. Donna Elder says:

    How does an alcoholic spouse play into marriage/divorce? I did not cause this nor can I cure or control it. I just want this terrible disease to end and not keep getting passed on to future generations. We have been to 4 counselors, 2 marriage retreats and I separated once. He is still drinking although only getting really drunk once a month. Lots of issues…..burt I think in some cases divorce means safety from fear and insanity,

    • That’s a tough one and there’s no easy answer. If you need to separate for safety reasons, then you may need to. Separation doesn’t necessarily mean divorce, though. It can be a time for necessary changes and healing to take place. Ultimately, you have to choose whether to love in the face of a situation that seems like it will never change, or let it go and never know what might have been. Do you still love your husband and does he love you?

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