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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ceecee was supposed to run 23 miles today. Well, let me back up. She was supposed to run 23 miles yesterday with her Galloway group, but, once again, we were enjoying our marriage a little too much. We agreed to go today and I brought my bike.

Anyway, when she was approaching the end, she told me she felt good and wanted to go ahead and run 26 just so she would know she could do it. I was pretty surprised, but if she felt fine, why not? The crazy thing is, she has to work a full shift today, so she is going to end up having run the equivalent of a full marathon and then go work 8 hours at a retail job.

I’m wanting to get out of Macy’s, but we have some things coming up that we want to do for the restoration tour, so we’re kind of talking about quitting our second jobs at Thanksgiving. The extra money will allow us to pay for some special plans we have for our anniversary next month and also our Thanksgiving trip to Chicago. We don’t need the money, but it’s nice not to have to stress or worry about how to pay for some of this.