To Have and To Hold, From This Day Forward

Posted: August 1, 2011 in Love and Marriage
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To have and to hold, from this day forward implies, first of all, an end to loneliness.  When you commit to marriage, your days of wanting someone to be there for you and to share your life are fulfilled.  To have is the part that is just for you.  Your longing and hoping for that person who will be your forever love is over, because he or she has become your new reality.

To hold is for both of you.  When two people embrace, to hold is also to be held.  As you hold your lover, you are likewise held by the one you love.  I believe that we are born with an inner longing to have someone to hold, and that the comfort and fulfillment of the simple act of holding and being held may be the most underrated of life’s pleasures.

To hold is not only in a lover’s embrace, however.  To truly fulfill this vow, you must hold your true love during the difficult times as well.  When he/she has had a hard day at work, or doesn’t feel well, or has nothing to give in return.  When he/she cries, you have that person to hold.  Holding is comfort, support, and strength.  Holding says, “I am here for you now and I will always be here for you.”  Holding says, “You can come to me at any time, no matter the situation, and my arms will be there for you to find refuge and comfort.”

Finally, from this day forward tells us two things.  First, it implies that something is changing.  Something new is beginning from this day.  What has been your life before marriage is no longer your life after you make your vows.  It is no longer just you living your life and making your own decisions for yourself.  This day you have joined with that person you want to have and to hold.

Second, it tells us that we are not looking back.  From this day forward means the present and the future will define our life together in marriage, not the past.  It begins here, and it moves forward, never backward. No regrets, no excuses…


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