For Better or Worse

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Love and Marriage
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Some people view this statement in the traditional vows as having a negative connotation, much like some people think of marriage as a confining prison.  Even though there is exactly a 50-50 split in the vow between better and worse, so many people focus on the worse part and wonder just what that implies.

On the other hand, there are those who are so idealistic that they can’t imagine anything other than eternal bliss as they prepare for their wedding day.  “Of course my life is going to be so much better when I’m married,” they assume.  The thought of problems or difficulties are dismissed as things “other people” go through, “but we won’t.”

For better or worse means one thing.  Commitment.  It means I choose you now and forever, no matter what.  It means I will never leave you or fail to love you, come what may, period.  It doesn’t leave us an out or an escape clause.  It doesn’t say, “as long as you make me happy,” or “as long as it’s working out between us.”

Love and marriage are one and the same in that regard.  Love says, “I choose to care more about you than I care about myself.”  Love says, “I will lay my own wishes aside to see that your needs are met.”  Love is without condition, and love gives.  Love never demands a level of performance or carries a return requirement.  In this is security.


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