Day T-130 and counting…

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Love and Marriage
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Rough day today. Ceecee is angry at the world, it seems. Taylor and I are tiptoeing around trying not to get in her way. Taylor is her son from a previous relationship, so he’s my stepson. He lives with us and is in his senior year in high school. Ceecee really hates her job right now, so I suppose that’s where her frustration is coming from. She’s a paraprofessional at the same junior high school where I teach. That’s a fancy word for a teacher’s aide, and she works with the behavior disordered special ed. kids. The worst of the worst. That would wear on anyone, I suppose, and she hardly gets paid anything.

I teach math and am pretty happy with my job overall. I’ve been teaching for 14 years and I really like it on most days. Not too many people are really in the career of their choosing, doing what they enjoy, so I feel blessed. I wish I could figure out what makes my wife so angry, but we’ve been through this before, so I’m sure it will pass. She’s going to Zumba with one of her girlfriends in a little while and that usually cheers her up.


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