Day T-106 and counting…

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Love and Marriage
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Had a very interesting conversation with Ceecee while walking to the farmer’s market this evening. They have a small market in the town where we live on Thursday evenings and it’s close enough to walk. It just opened for the season last week and we like to try to get there and support the merchants. We used to have a small farm and we know many of the sellers from when we were involved with farmer’s markets ourselves.

As we were walking, she opened up a little about our relationship and where she was. She said she was confused and didn’t understand the way she felt. She said she didn’t mean to hurt me and that she wanted things to be good again, but she just wasn’t seeming to be able to get past some things. I asked her what they were and she didn’t really say, but she said she no longer trusted me and couldn’t get over some hurts.

I told her that I was afraid she didn’t love me anymore and she didn’t say anything. She just said she needed time and that she didn’t want to be this way. I decided to take that as hopeful that this would pass soon and didn’t push. We held hands while we walked and at least that was something.


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