Sunday, July 11, 2010

Had a blast last night in Branson. When we got done eating, there was a band getting ready to play on the landing down by the fountain. It was a free 80’s cover show and we stayed and watched. It was a lot of fun for Ceecee especially, because she loves 80’s music.

We went back and crashed at her place, then went to the gym together this morning. I took her to work and then I’ll pick her up at 6 for tapas at her loft. I’m so excited. I think tonight is going to be big in our relationship. God is doing major work in my heart and I want to talk to my wife about some of it.

I went to North Point Church with my friend Adam today and it was really weird. I’m not sure if I liked it or not. It was so different than any church I’ve been to and I was kind of on overload from all the lights, video screens, and loud music. I’d like to go again and see what it’s like when I know what to expect.

I talked to Kevin Holm again today on the phone and we had a really powerful conversation. I don’t remember much of it, but when I got off the phone, I knew what to do. We talked about unconditional love and what that means and how Ceecee needs to have that from me. Now I’m just waiting and watching the clock until I get to see her!


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