Thursday, July 15, 2010
(I’ve never done this before, but I edited this day’s entry due to the fact that it was so personal and included more than should be shared. Please understand that I only want to inspire others and help them find true love, not to air details that don’t need to be shared.)

Amazing! What a day! Wow, I can’t believe it. Ceecee made lunch for us at the loft and made her turkish martinis (which I thought tasted disgusting, but I didn’t really let on because she was having fun using her new stuff and experimenting). Then we went upstairs and I started to rub her back. She took my hand and moved it and I didn’t need any more help to understand the signal.

We ended up making love for the first time in about 3 months. We didn’t talk about what was going on and I wasn’t about to break the spell. The part that was hilarious was that I was supposed to go to Columbia to cover a story for a local publication. We did talk about that and it became kind of a joke that I should be on the road and if I don’t go soon, I’ll miss the story and I’m ok with that even though this editor will never hire me again.

I did finally go and had to drive like a maniac to get in on the very end of the event, but I got what I needed to be able to write the story. Ceecee wrote on her Facebook that it was a great day off, but of course, she didn’t say anything about me or what we did.


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