Day T-19 and Counting…

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Love and Marriage
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I went back to North Point Church again this weekend. It was amazing! I wasn’t freaked out by everything, so I could just allow myself to be part of it and something just broke inside me. I found myself crying and letting God’s grace just wash over me. There was an anointing in there like I’m not sure I’ve felt before.

I went and talked to my parents about what’s going on and it was tough. They handled it real well. Didn’t say much and only asked a few questions. I still told it in a positive light as though it’s all going to work out because I believe it will. Even so, my wife deserves the respect and honor of me telling the truth and letting people know why we’re apart.

Last night, Ceecee’s girls’ night kind of fell through and we ended up going out for a while downtown. It wasn’t a great time and she was bummed because of her friends, but I was glad to be there and kind of salvage something from it.

We actually went back to the dog place and that dog was already adopted. Ceecee was really disappointed. I was kind of relieved, but I also felt bad for her. I could actually see how us getting that dog together could have had implications of us having a future together.


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