Day 64 and Counting… Party Crashing!

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Love and Marriage
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

One of my wife’s best friends is in town today and they are spending some time together. Last night was totally unexpected and really funny and amazing.

A guy who teaches in the school where we work is in an 80’s cover band and they were playing at an outdoor party outside the Bistro Market, our downtown grocery store. We thought we’d go check it out when I got home from Macy’s, so we walked down there about 10:00.

There was a big tent set up out in the parking lot, and we could hear the band, but couldn’t tell where they were. We saw two guys taking stuff into the tent, so I went up and asked them if we could go through there to get to where the band was. They said to go ahead, so we did.

Inside the tent, there were all kinds of tables of food and drinks. We went on through and they had a stage and a dance floor set up outside on the other side of the tent. We watched the band for a little bit and kept seeing people going in and out of the tent and carrying drinks and plates of food, so I went to check it out.

I went up to a counter where a guy was making all kinds of drinks and asked him what was going on. He said to help myself to whatever I wanted, so I took a drink for me and one for Ceecee, along with some finger foods. A little while later, I went to go back in and a guy at the door stopped me and asked me if I had a lanyard. I didn’t know what he was talking about and he told me the tent was VIP’s only.

I went back and told Ceecee that apparently I wasn’t supposed to have gone in there before. The band took a break and we went over to talk to our friend and we told him what had happened. He said, “Do you need a lanyard? Take mine,” and just handed his to me. When they started playing again, I went back in the tent with the lanyard and got a plateful of food and two glasses of wine.

I’ve never been one to dance, and Ceecee and I have never danced anywhere in our entire marriage, even though I know she used to go clubbing when she was younger. Somehow, she got me out on the dance floor, though. She was amazing, how she moved out there, even after so many years. I felt a little awkward, but just went with it and did the best I could. We ended up staying and dancing until around 1 AM.

The next morning, I walked to the bistro to get something and saw that there was a sign left over from last night that said there was a $10 cover charge for people who didn’t have VIP passes. So we had just walked in for free and ended up with a VIP pass (in someone else’s name) and didn’t pay a thing for the whole night. We hadn’t intended to crash the party, but that was exactly what we did!


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