Day 62 and Counting… Conquering The Beast!

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Love and Marriage
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Victory is ours! We’ve been riding our bikes to work and back a few times a week (17 miles one way), and there are a lot of hills in between Springfield (where we live) and Ozark (where we work). It’s tougher coming home, plus we’re tired from work, and there’s this one hill that we always have to get off and walk at least part way up.

It’s really long and steep until you hit a little shoulder and then there’s an even steeper part to the top. Ceecee calls it The Beast. I call it Ridgecrest because that’s what the street sign at the very top says. The shoulder is the farthest we’ve ever made it until today. Today, we weren’t feeling particularly energetic, so I wasn’t expecting anything different.

When we got to about the place where we usually fail, Ceecee didn’t make any move to dismount from her bike. She was going really slow and I was right behind her, so I just kept going too. We were past the shoulder and all of a sudden, I realized we were going to make it!

It was a pretty awesome feeling. It’s always a little embarrassing to have to walk it up even though it’s a killer hill. In fact, the name of the area is Fremont Hills and a lot of cyclists train there just because it is so tough. Now that we’ve done it once and know that we can, I don’t think we’ll ever walk it again!


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