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Sunday, September 19, 2010

My wife has always been interested in theater and musicals and such. I really haven’t been, but I want to support the things she likes, and one of the things about moving downtown is that there are several theaters right near our loft. They have been playing Cats at one of them and Ceecee really wanted to go. I decided to take her, but I procrastinated buying the tickets until today. There was only standing room left, which sucked, but it was either that or miss it, so I bought them.

On the way there, she stopped me on the sidewalk, kissed me, and said, “Let’s make a pact that we will never intentionally hurt each other again.” It was an amazing moment.

I thought Cats was pretty good, but Ceecee absolutely loved it. At one point, I looked over at her while she was watching and her face was absolutely shining. It made me so glad I had taken her and also makes me want to do more of this in the future if it makes her this happy.