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Thursday, June 10, 2010

This afternoon, we went in to Queen City Cycles, a bike shop downtown and Ceecee fell in love with this Masi Italian rode bike. They didn’t actually have it at the store, but she saw it in the catalog. We talked about it and she’s really excited.

Then, I walked to the farmer’s market by myself and she was going to meet me there after her interview. She called me as she was on her way and told me she got the job at Dillard’s. She’s going to start at $10 an hour.

At school, she gets all of her summer paychecks in June, so we agreed that she could go ahead and order the bike and pay for it out of her school pay, then make it up out of her Dillard’s checks. It will take two or three weeks for it to get there and we will have the money by then. She’s going to let me ride the Raleigh temporarily.