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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today being Mother’s Day is another important step on the restoration tour.  Not that Ceecee is my mother, of course, but she is the mother of our children and I’ve always tried to honor her on Mother’s Day and make it special for her.

Being empty nesters now means no kids to get up and get ready, so I made Ceecee breakfast in bed and just let her lounge around for the morning.  Last year’s Mother’s Day was far from being a celebration, so this is another stop on the tour and it’s important to make the day special and meaningful.

Our oldest daughter Angie – on behalf of the kids, although it was really her – came by today and gave her a bracelet to match the ring I got her for our anniversary last year.  I helped her pick it out and we had it all planned, and it was really a nice way to top off a terrific day!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother’s Day. Usually a day of spoiling Ceecee by me and the kids, but not this year. She’s really down and it just doesn’t seem like there’s anything to celebrate. Steven took off to go back to Tennessee and it just wasn’t much of a day, much less a mother’s day.