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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Yesterday was one of the most important days on the restoration tour.

Friday was pretty significant as well, but in a different way.  Our 80’s date was a lot of fun, but was also somewhat painful, as it brought out a lot of memories and feelings that neither of us really wanted to be part of our night out.  Even so, it was good and I’m glad we did it.

Yesterday, we restored Eureka Springs, though.  That was huge.

We hadn’t known about Eureka Springs for that long before all of our problems really became a threat to our marriage.  We had “discovered” it after years of people telling us how wonderful it was, but us just thinking that it was in Arkansas, so how great could it be?

When we finally went, we fell completely in love with it and it became sort of a magical getaway place for us.  It was also the place we went for a make-up weekend after I came clean about what had been going on with me during the time that I felt like our marriage was maybe no longer going to work.

It was where I got Ceecee to go with me prior to our separation last year, when I thought for sure that if we could go to that place and spend a day together, that she would realize that we needed to stay together and work things out.  She didn’t, and that day in particular has haunted me ever since.

No more, though.

Yesterday we went back as a happily married and in love couple and experienced that beauty of that place the way we had before and always should have.  We went to all our favorite spots, enjoyed all the feelings that came with it, and exorcised those memories from last year.  It was one of the last major stops on the tour, and we’ve only got a little more than  month to go!


Monday, May 31, 2010

First Monday of Summer vacation that didn’t involve going to jury duty, so Ceecee and I took the day and went to Eureka Springs. It was a really tough day for me. She wore one of my favorite dresses and she looked absolutely amazing. Every day while this goes on, I just keep thinking that she’s going to come to her senses and realize that we need to get back to being happy together.

So anyway, today, I was just sure that the breakthrough would come. That’s actually why I wanted to go down there. It’s kind of a magical place for us and we always have a romantic time. We have a lot of special memories there and I was just sure that if I could get her there and we could spend a day together that everything would change. I tried so hard.

We went into this one clothing store and I bought her this sexy brown top that was really great. We walked all around downtown and sat and listened to music for a while. They have a lot of folk artists who play in the park and there was this one guy who was really good that afternoon. He started taking requests and we called for Cat Stevens. My wife was a Cat Stevens fan when she was a teen and she loves the song, “Wild World.” He didn’t sing it, but we had a good time sitting on the benches.

I took some pictures of her on my phone and she looked so beautiful, but had this sadness in her eyes that really tore me up. We decided to eat dinner at the balcony restaurant which is on the balcony of this old, historic hotel right downtown next to the park. When we were on the stairs, I tried to kiss her, but she turned away and I knew that she wasn’t ready to get close. We had held hands all day and I thought that today was going to be the day, but it didn’t happen. I can’t lose her. I can’t seem to reach her, but I can’t lose her.